Jon H. Fiva

Work in Progress

Working papers

'Group Identities and Parliamentary Debates' with O. Nedregård and H. Øien. Resubmitted to Journal of Politics.

'Gender Gaps and Hidden Majoritarianism in Proportional Representation Systems' with A. E. Cirone, G. W. Cox, D. M. Smith, and D. L. Teele.

In preparation

'Sick of Politics?' with J. T. Lind, B.-A. Reme and H. Øien.

'Mobilization and Intra-Party Power Sharing: Theory and Evidence from Norway' with C. Bangum, G. Invernezzi, C. Prato, and J. Tukiainen.

'Vetting for Virtue: Democracy’s Challenge in Excluding Criminals from Office' with S. S. Arntzen and R. J. Sørensen.

'Norwegian Parliamentary Debates 1945 - 2021' with O. Nedregård and H. Øien.