Jon H. Fiva

Work in Progress

Working papers

'Group Identities and Parliamentary Debates' with O. Nedregård and H. Øien. Resubmitted to Journal of Politics.

'The Gatekeeper's Dilemma: Controlling Political Selection or Incentivizing Team Effort' with F. Izzo and J. Tukiainen. Paper available upon request. Revision requested by Journal of Public Economics.

'Bound by Borders: Voter Mobilization through Social Networks' with G. W. Cox and M. E. King. Revision requested by British Journal of Political Science.

'Gender Gaps in Political Seniority Systems' with A. E. Cirone, G. W. Cox, D. M. Smith, and D. L. Teele.

In preparation

'Sick of Politics?' with J. T. Lind, B.-A. Reme and H. Øien.

'Power Sharing Among Factions' with C. Bangum, G. Invernezzi, C. Prato, and J. Tukiainen.