Jon H. Fiva

Work in Progress

Working papers

'Polarization in Party-centered Environments: Evidence from Parliamentary Debates' with O. Nedregård and H. Øien.

'Child Penalties in Politics' with M. E. King.

'How Does Party Discipline Affect Legislative Behavior? Evidence from Within-Session Variation in Lame Duck Status' with O. Nedregård.

In preparation

'The Gatekeeper's Dilemma: Controlling Political Selection or Incentivizing Team Effort' with F. Izzo and J. Tukiainen.

'The Border Drop-Off: How Electoral Geography Shapes Network Mobilization' with G. W. Cox and M. E. King.

'Gender Gaps in Political Seniority Systems' with A. E. Cirone, G. W. Cox, D. M. Smith, and D. L. Teele.